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House Bill 647 Moves Toward Legislation

New bill impacting requirements for fire systems in condos

House Bill 647 was filed in February which would eliminate the need for older condominiums to retrofit sprinkler systems.  On March 6th, the bill was voted on and approved byt the Business and Professions Subcommittee and passed 8-7. It now moves forward to the Government Operations and Technology Appropriations Subcomittee.

You can read the details of the bill and follow it's progress here;

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HOA Board Meeting

3/19/2019 at 6:00

The board meeting will be March 19 in the common room downstairs. The Management Report for this month has been posted and includes an update on the building improvement projects.

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Board Meeting

November 13 at 6PM

The monthly meeting of the Board is this week, please attend. The Management report for Novembert has been added to the HOA Info > HOA Board page.

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Check Out the New Colors

Repainting the Building

The Design Committee, an advisory body to the Pinnacle Board is considering recommendations for painting the building in the upcoming year.  The paint colors under consideration are now displayed on the north and south sides of the building.  They are grouped side-by-side on the... (click the heading and log in to read more)

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Annual Report and Budget Documents

Available on Website

The Annual Report from the HOA and Management Company is available on the website to owers and residence with a log in. This update includes the most recent financial statements. Look for it on the HOA Infor > HOA Board page under October's Management Report download, and under the additional Annual Meeting and Budget download.

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